Custom Metal Flash Drives With Logo

Durability and stability are the defining qualities of our custom metal flash drives, available in more than 20 different styles.
Our custom metal flash drives are simple, classic, and long-lasting. They come in a variety of types and styles that point to their multi-faceted appeal. With more than 20 kinds of metal flash drives to choose from, you can either go the traditional route or try something different. Aside from the classic swivel and retractable flash drives, we also offer:
    • Key-shaped: This custom metal flash drive will blend in perfectly with the rest of the keys on your keyring. Unique, easily transportable, and extremely convenient.
    • Metal clip: Sleek and stunning, this metal clip flash drive can be used as a multi-functional tie pin, paperclip, and more.
    • Rope wristband: Wear your metal flash drive as an accessory/bracelet – this way, it will always be handy.

Leather wristband: More upscale and stylish than our rope wristband, but still a great way to keep your metal flash drive right under your nose.

  • Aluminum business card: Sturdier, sleeker, with better usability than your average business card. This is an excellent way to ensure your customers remember you and keep your business card handy for years to come.
  • Dog tags: Our customizable dog tag flash drives are great for building camaraderie among sports teams, Boy Scout groups, and army platoons.


The Every USB Guarantee

In addition to our wide selection of custom metal USB drives, that promises something for everyone, we offer free logo imprints up to 4 colors via silkscreen and free FedEx shipping. Looking to brand your business and make an impression on your customers? Nothing achieves that better than a high-quality custom flash drive with your logo that they’re sure to keep.
In addition to our quality assurance and free bulk shipping, we offer a 10-year warranty – that’s how confident we are in the quality of craftsmanship.

Data Preloading

We’ll preload up to 2GB of data to your custom metal USB drive for free! For customers ordering in very large quantities, this can save time and eliminate the hassle of uploading data to your flash drives individually.
This option is popular among companies looking to distribute promotional copy, employee training manuals, or e-books. Contact us to learn more about preloading data to your custom metal flash drives.

Accessorize Your Flash Drive

Looking for something to complement your custom metal flash drive? Our flash drive accessories and attachments are both practical and durable. Check out our wide selection of keyrings, key loops, clasps, lanyards, j-hooks, and more.
You can hand out these out with your custom metal USB sticks for better usability. Does it get more convenient than this?
For a complete list of the flash drive accessories and attachments that we offer, as well as an idea of which ones work best with our custom metal USB drive options, consult with a member of our sales staff: 866-458-8415