Many times our clients want to have their data preloaded on their custom flash drives before we ship them. We’re data and publication professionals. We have a number of different ways to showcase your data and we can load it onto your flash drives quickly. We’ll work with you to get your approval before submitting your job to data production. If you have any special requests, just let us know. We’ll load them only after you’re satisfied. Call 866-458-8415 if you have any questions about preloaded flash drives.

FREE PC Flash Drive Icon- With Every Preloaded Flash Drive

When your preloaded flash drive lands in the hands of your end-user, and the user plugs it into a PC, a drive icon and name will be listed on their computer.

Free Windows Logo with every Custom Flash Drive Order

We’ll work with you to identify a graphic that makes the most sense for your project. Your logo, project icon or whatever you prefer. This is a finishing touch to your data preloading that not all custom flash drive companies offer, much less for free.

Simple Preloaded Data – FREE*

Exactly how it sounds. We simply load files you provide at the time of your order during the flash drive manufacturing process. Most of our clients don’t have time to sit and load flash drives one at a time. If you’ve ever done it, you know how time-consuming it can be. We’re experts in the process, and we’ll load the drives properly so you have no worries that when your end-user gets your flash drive, your content will be presented the way you intended. Best of all, there is absolutely no charge for this service *under 2GB! Ask your salesperson about preloaded flash drives with a data load of larger than 2GB.

Uneraseable – Write Protected

Sometimes you want to make sure that your data remains on the flash drive for the life of the drive. We can Write-Protect your data, so that it cannot be written over by the end user. This provides longevity of your message and content. If for some reason there is remaining space on the flash drive, the end-user will still have the ability to use any of that space without issue. There are three ways to partition the drive capacity…

Preloaded Data Options

Depending on the size of your data, there may not be any additional cost associated for the Write-Protected Preloaded flash drive.

Ask your sales associate for more information.

Copy Protection & Data Encryption

Prevent illegal copies and sharing of your content

  • Secure, encrypted container allows access to the content only if the protected USB stick drive is available or the content has been unlocked via an unlock code
  • At the same time it blocks all unauthorized access attempts such as file copy or saving to hard disk.

USB stick/flash drive verification or code unlock

  • You can allow accessing the content directly from the USB stick/flash drive or allow installing/copying it to a computer or device.
  • In any case the content is securely locked to the USB stick/flash drive or to an individual unlock code.
  • Without the original USB stick/flash drive or unlock code, the content is not accessible and can’t be copied.


  • The protected content works on Windows PCs, MacOSX computers and Android devices.
  • The locked content on the USB stick is completely self contained and does not install any drivers or require administrative privileges at any time.


Your custom flash drives can be preloaded with a unique ID or serial number on each drive for use in application control, distribution tracking or many other reasons. Talk to a sales representative for more information.

We’re Data Professionals

  • Over 30 Years of IT Knowledge & Experience
  • Thorough Proofing Process to Ensure You are Satisfied with Your Data Preloading
  • Delayed Data Reception – Get a Jump on Your Timeline. We’ll Manufacture the drives, while you gather the data.