Custom Wooden Flash Drives With Logo

Stunning, timeless, and truly unique – our custom wooden flash drives are popular for their intricate designs and understated appeal.
A custom wooden flash drive evokes charm, style, and beauty. Crafted out of smooth wood, our custom wooden USB drives come in oval and rectangular shapes. Despite their uniform wood finishing, our wooden flash drive selection is quite diverse, with the following styles to choose from:

  • Wooden flip: Sleek and modern functionality combined with a rustic wood appearance, this flash drive flips open for capless convenience and easy accessibility.
  • Wooden pen: This two-in-one pen and flash drive combo makes a beautiful gift and long-lasting token of appreciation for its recipients. Available in light bamboo, dark bamboo, and maple.
  • Crystal bamboo: This flash drive is truly beautiful, combining the smooth and light texture of bamboo with a dazzling transparent acrylic tip.
We also offer a variety of wood you can choose from for your wooden flash drive, such as: dark bamboo, walnut, maple, light bamboo, dark wood, and cherry. Wood USB drives can be laser engraved, hot stamped, UV printed, or silk screened with your logo.
Wooden flash drives say more about your business than simply “remember me!” Their high quality, sleek finish, and intricate lettering say “we care”. It tells your customers that you’re giving them the best because they deserve the best. A modern functionality to a timeless design, custom wooden USB drives embossed with your logo show your business’ dedication to both tradition and progress.

Data Preloading

You’ll never be unprepared when you take advantage of our data preloading services. Submit any documents you would like preloaded to your custom flash drives and we’ll upload it for you. Zero hassle, zero wasted time. We also offer copy protection and data encryption. Contact us to inquire about our data preloading services: 866-458-8415.

Give the Gift of USB

Custom wooden flash drives make beautiful gifts, whether you’re distributing them to your employees or giving them out as a souvenir at an event. Engrave them with your company’s name for milestone anniversaries or with the name of a bride and groom as a wedding favor. Most importantly, however, make sure to find the right packaging. We offer 20+ custom flash drive packaging options – from window tins to wooden boxes to velvet pouches.

The packaging you choose is just as important as what is inside of it. A wooden gift box to go with a wooden flash drive is an unforgettable gesture. Pen tins are also available as packaging for the wooden pen flash drives.