Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

There are currently hundreds of thousands of photographers in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Are you standing out from the crowd? Well, you can with custom printed flash drives for photographers from Every USB

If you’ve already used custom flash drives to promote your photography business, you know how useful they are as a promotional tool. But you can brand your photography business with even more effectiveness if you use preloaded flash drives. Switching to EveryUSB will allow you to give out custom flash drives that fit your business. Here’s how.

In addition to using bulk flash drives to promote your brand, flash drives are a great product to offer your clients. Deliver your photos and packages to your clients with their logo as a keepsake or handout. Deliver them to clients that hire your services for weddings, corporate events or for promoting their image in many other ways, like for actors or other self-promotion. Let’s face it, discs are dead. Some people don’t even have any kind of disc player in their home or office. Promotional flash drives are the way to deliver electronic goods.

Create More Memorability with Custom Flash Drives

It’s not unusual for a photography business to use branded items like flash drives to promote itself. After all, you have to deliver the content of your photo shoot to the customer somehow—it might as well be on a branded item like a flash drive that keeps reminding your customer about your services. Then, when it comes time for them to recommend a photographer to someone else, they have your name handy.

We go a step beyond that. With custom shaped flash drives, you can take this same style of promotion and dial it up a notch, ensuring that your customers never forget the experience you gave them.

How does it work? Simple: you send us a file, a picture, a diagram—whatever it is you might have in mind, even if it’s just a sketch on a napkin. We do the rest. We’ll take your design and create a digital proof for your approval—and if that concept looks good, we’ll then make a live sample proof and send it to you so you can have it in your hands before you approve the final order.

The net result is that you have a custom flash drive in your hand that can immediately help people recall your business.

Tips for Making Custom Flash Drives Work

Many photographers might use branded flash drives to deliver their photography to their customers—but we step it up a notch by custom-building a drive to your exact specifications. Here’s how you can get the most out of this branding opportunity:

  • Order a custom flash drive and incorporate it into your photography offerings. Yes, it’s convenient to only upload photography to the web and have it save to the cloud. And there’s nothing in a flash drive that prevents you from doing just that. But when someone receives a custom-built flash drive, it’s a unique experience. It’s not just a branded flash drive with your logo on it. It’s your own unique idea—and one they can hold in their hands.
  • Order in bulk to keep yourself on budget. We’re not saying you have to order in bulk—we can tackle small jobs easily. We’re happy to handle something as small as 100 units as a minimum—or just give us a call at 866-458-8415 if you have other budgetary concerns. But once you’re happy with your product, you can order in bulk to save yourself money every time you deliver a custom flash drive to your customers.
  • Include preloaded data. You can include preloaded data such as your contact information or icon and label that appears when they open on Mac or Windows. This helps you create a veritable digital business card. When someone wants to open their photography files again, they’ll see that your contact information is handy, which makes them more likely to recommend you to friends in the future. And, you don’t have to remember to include these things each time you deliver your customer’s photos. Just pop in one of your customized flash drives and load your photos. We take care of those little details to help you look consistent and professional.

If you do a great job with the photography, a custom flash drive works like a memento of that great experience. It helps you leave a customer with a great feeling and ensures that when they recommend a photographer to their friends, you’re the first one on their mind.

Whether you want custom flash drives with your logo on them, or full-on custom-built flash drives, you’ll give yourself a leg up over your competition by switching to EveryUSB. Just contact us—we’ll do the rest.