Custom USB 3.0 Flash Drives With Logo

Transfer data faster than ever with our custom USB 3.0 flash drives, with more than 20 models available for a transfer speed upgrade.

Welcome to the future! USB 3.0 is here and we’re offering custom USB 3.0 flash drives with your logo to boot. What’s the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0, you ask? There are numerous factors that are different between the two types, including speed, dimensions, and compatibility. However, the primary differences include the following:
    • Appearance: While Every USB still offers some of the same great custom USB drive models for 2.0 as well as 3.0, there are key differences in the appearance. The plastic inside a USB 2.0 device is black, whereas it is blue inside the USB 3.0 device in most cases.
    • Transfer rates: Enter the era of lightning speed. USB 3.0 devices transmit data at a maximum rate of 5 Gbps (5,120 Mbps). This is in contract to USB 2.0, which transmits data at 480 Mbps.

They can also transfer data in both directions, as opposed to USB 2.0 which can only transfer data in one direction at a time.

  • Encoding capabilities: USB 2.0 devices use Unicode for encoding, whereas USB 3.0 devices use 8b/10b encoding for quicker data delivery.
Our custom USB 3.0 flash drives are available in some of your favorite styles, including:
  • Wooden flip: Sleek and modern functionality combined with a rustic wood appearance, this flash drive flips open for capless convenience and easy accessibility.
  • Retractable: Our sliding and clicking retractable custom flash drives are a favorite. Just click and boom, your capless flash drive is ready to go.
  • Rope wristband: Wear your metal flash drive as an accessory/bracelet – this way, it will always be handy.
  • LED Retractable: If you’re looking for something a little flashier, this USB drive contains an LED screen that will show an electronic version of your logo.

The Future of Flash Drives

USB 3.0 is just another step in the ever-evolving nature of high-speed USB flash drives. They are a signal of progress, and a modernized way to transmit information. That’s why more and more content creators and businesses are using high-speed USB flash drives for eBook distribution. Take advantage of our eBook publishing service, complete with a custom interactive book interface. Call us to learn more: 866-458-8415

Preload Your Data

In addition to eBook publishing, we also offer data preloading services. We’ll preload content to your custom flash drives for you – no hassle, no labor, and no cost to you (for up to 2GB of data). We also offer copy protection and data encryption with this service.