Custom Flash Drives for CME, Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Education

Bulk Flash Drives for Continuing Medical Education, CME, and Other Conferences

But if your audience is those in Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Education Conferences, you know that effective branding isn’t always as simple as giving out a great piece of branded swag. You need something with a little more oomf.

If you’ve ever used bulk flash drives to promote your business, you know the power of brand awareness. Over 70% of brand managers view building brand awareness as even more valuable than making direct sales.

That’s where we come in.

How to Get More Out of Your Bulk Flash Drives

How do you make sure people actually use your USBs? Simple. You make them useful.

The simplest way to do this is to put your speaker’s talks onto USBs that you branded yourself. No one is going to throw those away. As part of their continuing education, they need to keep coming back to that USB again and again to digest your presentation.

It’s only a matter of time before they start using the USB for other files, too. Soon, your branded USB drive is part of their daily routine.

We can convert PowerPoint and PDFs into virtual books or eBooks that people can read on a USB drive. By converting these documents into eBooks, you’ll make it possible for people to conduct an indexed search for better learning. And high-resolution images will enhance the quality of your presentation.

Pre-loading files to a USB not only makes it more useful for the people who need it, but it gives you more options for how you promote yourself. That includes:

  • Meeting Planners: Providing people with meeting planner templates on a USB incentivizes them to continue using the USB throughout the year.
  • Speakers & Presenters: If you have supplementary materials to go along with speakers and presenters at an event, you may even find that more people pick up your branded USBs than otherwise would have. The same is true for both attendees and guests.
  • Materials: Supplementing a presentation with bulk USB sticks preloaded with materials designed to make the presentation more clear is not just a fantastic handout, but a great way to make sure that people keep looking at your logo as they use the drive again and again. More importantly, paper books are very limited in their presentation and difficult to transport. Paper handouts are heavier, larger and don’t hold nearly as much information. Our eBooks can have only one slide per page, high resolution images that are zoomable and a search function. Most paper handouts are printed with multiple slides per page, making the information difficult to read. As well, due to cost, most paper handouts are printed in black and white to save on cost.
  • Syllabus: For those in continuing education, a syllabus is indispensable. That helps make any USB you hand out with a syllabus already loaded on it that much more valuable.
  • Agenda, Schedule, and Itinerary: No matter which specific file you include with the USB, including an agenda or itinerary will incentivize people to use the USB as soon as possible.

Why Your Flash Drives Can Be More than Handouts

A flash drive is a fun and useful way to brand your company, sponsors or event. But if you work in Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Education Conferences, it takes more than that. With our ability to include thousands of pages and multiple volumes on one drive, you can essentially turn every custom flash drive into an itinerary, schedule, syllabus or advertisement for your upcoming events.

If you’ve never done it before, you might have some concerns. Fortunately, it’s easier—and safer—than you think. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Eraseability: We preload your flash drives with the files you want, including the features you want. That includes features like making these preloaded files uneraseable.
  • Security: We can help prevent the illegal sharing of your essential information with copy-protected and encrypted data when you preload files onto these bulk USB drives.
  • Serialization: We can preload your custom flash drives with serial numbers or unique IDs for use in application control, giving you more security and control in determining how your content gets out to the world.

Whether you want to publish your eBook to a bulk flash drive or precisely manage your data with custom data preloading, we’ve got your back. Give your CE or CME attendees and learners custom USB drives and make the most of your next conference.