Wearable Custom Flash Drives With Logo

For individuals always on-the-go, our custom wearable flash drives are a must. Available in six different styles, you can easily find the custom USB drive that best suits your look.
Perhaps you’re a busy professional that travels frequently, or a business working a trade show. Either way, you’ll definitely benefit from these wearable flash drives with your company logo. Convenient, unobtrusive, and easily accessible, you’ll love sporting these USB drives around your wrist or your neck.
Pick from one of our six unique designs, some of which include:
  • Rope wristband: Wear your metal flash drive as an accessory/bracelet – this way, it will always be handy.
  • Dog tag: Our customizable dog tag flash drives are great for building camaraderie among sports teams, Boy Scout groups, and army platoons.
  • Leather wristband: More upscale and stylish than our rope wristband, but still a great way to keep your metal flash drive right under your nose.
  • Lanyard: These are a favorite for handing out at trade shows. You can never have too many flash drive lanyards, especially when they’re printed with your logo. You can print your company logo on the lanyard or on the clip. Another option is to print your logo on the clip and fill the lanyard with your slogan, motto, or a call-to-action. Either way, it’s a sure way to get your organization’s message across.
Handing out custom wearable USB drives with your company logo is a great way to brand your business and conduct some low-cost advertising. Spread the word about your product/service by delivering something of value to your clients. A wearable flash drives says more than a pen, brochure, or business card. Its long-lasting nature and undeniable quality shows interested customers that your business is devoted to excellence.

Data Preloading

Universities and non-profit organizations love these wearable flash drives, and frequently make use of our data preloading services to bulk upload manuals, handbooks, guides, and other materials for distribution to the USB drives. University representatives use these devices to distribute orientation tools, such as student handbooks, codes of conduct, schedules, course information, and campus maps.
Give us a call today to find out how to preload data for you organization: 866-458-8415

Find Your Drive

Custom wearable flash drives are a go-to. Everybody loves them! Choose what kind of an impression you would like to make with yours. Our low-profile flash drive lanyard is perfect for businesses looking to send a subtle message, whereas flash drive bracelets are great for non-profits or organizations with an urgent call-to-action. No matter which you choose, customers are sure to delight in the resourcefulness of a wearable USB drive.