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Preloaded Flash Drives for Manuals, Instructions or Specs For Your Product


Paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Ask anyone who’s ever bundled a product manual with a manufacturer’s product and they’ll tell you: customers tend to throw product manuals away, once they’ve used them. But if you’ve used preloaded flash drives before, you know that this doesn’t have to be the case. When you add your custom logo to a flash drive and load it with your product manual, customers are incentivized to keep a memento of the sale around.

After all, who’s tossing a preloaded flash drive into the garbage bin?

No one, that’s who. But if you’re bundling a product manual with your product and you want to make sure that customers keep your custom flash drives around, it helps to take an extra step. Here’s what Every USB offers that makes it a smarter decision to opt with our services when you preload a product manual into a flash drive.

Strategies for Preloaded Flash Drives: What You Should Do to Maximize Your Branding Opportunity

When you use a preloaded flash drive with a product manual already available on the drive, you’re giving someone a gift they can keep using. You already know that. But how do you get even more value out of this proposition with Every USB? Here are some strategies you can use:

  • Make the product manual unerasable. A secure product manual that the customer can’t erase helps ensure that they don’t lose the product manual and end up blaming you for it. You can also package your preloaded USB product manual with a hard copy to make sure that the customer has everything they need.
  • Utilize custom packaging to go along with your product. It’s not just about what’s on the USB drive. It’s also about presentation. Your packaging is part of your brand, and if you include a preloaded flash drive with unique, custom packaging, it’s going to leave an impression. We at Every USB offer custom flash drive packaging to go along with the preloaded USB drive, which helps enhance the overall consistency of your brand.
  • Create a custom menu on your flash drive. The presentation doesn’t end with the packaging of the USB drive. It also matters when the customer opens the drive and sees what kind of presentation you’ve put together. We can help with an HTML5 Flash Drive Navigation Menu that not only enhances the professionalism if your brand, but helps your customers access the product manual itself. With this navigation, you’ll have fewer questions about the product manual and a better overall presentation for any product.
  • Include preloaded data that might help the customer. Does your product need additional data to go along with it? Are there some files that you can use that will make the customer’s job easier? Then it helps to preload any relevant data onto the flash drive itself.

Making Full Use of Preloaded Flash Drives

We offer preloaded flash drives with a number of options, including:

  • Free Windows Icon and Custom Flash Drive Labels
  • Free Simple Preloads
  • Write Protection that locks the files onto the preloaded flash drive
  • Copy protection and encryption for enhanced security with your product manuals
  • Serialization that makes very drive unique to the customer

With these features in mind, you’ll do more than give your customers a neat way to access their product manuals. You’ll make the entire process seamless in a way that reflects well on your brand.

Interested in making this the next bundle with your manufacturer’s product? Contact us at Every USB to find out how we can help. You simply give us a list of your needs and what you’d like the preloaded flash drives to do—and we’ll take it from there.