Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

Custom USB Drives for Product Brochures & Catalogs

You use brochures and catalogs to advertise your products, services, events, destinations, and the list goes on. You can market your brand by using USB drives with your logo on them in bulk. But what if there was an even easier way to bundle this all together?

That’s where we come in. Every USB pairs our custom USB drives with custom-tailored services to make the process a lot simpler for your business, which includes:

  • Budget-friendly USB drives for sending out your brochures and catalogs without breaking the bank.
  • Custom-shaped USB drives to give your company that extra visual edge over our stock USB drives.
  • Data preloading and eBook publishing via custom USB drives so you can send out product brochures and catalogs while trusting that the customer isn’t simply going to throw them in the recycling bin as soon as they see them. We can also make these un-eraseable, ensuring that while your customers use the custom USB drives in the future, your brochures and catalogs remain as reminders of what they can purchase. And for added value to your end-user, you can purchase a custom USB drive with extra capacity with an un-eraseable partition and a partition with the remaining free space. This bulletproofs the longevity of your promotional USB stick by turning your advertisement, brochure or catalog into a tool that the user can use for years. And guess what, they’ll see your logo every time they do.

Why switch to Every USB? Because we provide all of the above. Whatever your needs and whatever your goals for your product brochures or catalog campaigns may be, we can provide the custom USB drives that help you make new sales.

Tips for Promoting Your Brand with Brochures and Catalogs

You already know why you’d use a custom USB drive to promote a product brochure: your customers will actually want to use them. But in order to get the most value out of your order from Every USB, it helps to know how you can take your branding to another level. Here are some essential tips:

  • Make sure that you can’t erase the brochure. After all, you go through a lot of work to make sure that brochure or catalog is on point. If you’re giving a customer a free USB drive, it doesn’t hurt to make the brochure uneraseable. Customers can still use the USB and the rest of its capacity as they like—and the brochure or catalog can stay pre-loaded on the USB drive as long as they use it. That’s an inherent advantage over a brochure that they can simply toss in the recycle bin.
  • Give them enough space to use. We recommend different amounts of storage space on the USB depending on your industry. For example, a photographer might have to use a minimum 8 GB or 16 GB—or more—depending on how many photos they’re giving to a client. For your purposes with a product brochure or catalog, you can likely get away with 8 GB or 16 GB and still find that your USBs are worthwhile keepsakes for your customers.
  • Buy in bulk for long-term branding uses. If you have a product catalog or brochure that might stand the test of time, then it makes sense to buy your USB drives in bulk. Not only can you use these USB drives for your immediate promotional needs, but if you have “evergreen” content that you want to use to preload onto these drives, you can keep giving them away, over and over again.

Want to make the most of your next brochure or catalog? Then makes sure that you have affordable, customized USB drives to make it happen. Whether you need security, uneraseability, or simply a fun way to give out your next brochure, Every USB has your back. Just contact us and let us know what you need.