Custom Flash Drives for Trade Shows

Bulk Flash Drives for Trade Shows: Hints, Tricks, and Unique Ideas

There aren’t many better places to meet potential clients and customers than trade shows: statistics suggest that as many as 80% of the people you see there are potential customers.

If you’re already using custom USB drives for trade shows, you have a leg up. People don’t like to throw away functional computer hardware. As a result, people who make buying decisions often end up using your flash drive on a daily basis and for their own purposes. They’ll leave them sitting on a desk or in a desk drawer before that happens. And every time they see it, they see your logo. Reminding them about your call to action, or a call that they’ve been meaning to make.


But what if you want more impact? That’s where EveryUSB comes in. Whether you have the need for a big bulk order of thumb drives or merely an order of 100 units? We not only have the exact specifications for a USB drive that will make an impression, but we can fit your budget.

Choose the Right Custom USB Drives for Trade Shows

There’s one key question here: how do you give someone something at a trade show that they’ll use? You already know that USBs are a perfect solution. But if you’re going to make sure that people actually keep these USBs, it helps to pair the right supplies to your trade show. View all of our custom flash drives that we have to offer or see some of our customer’s favorites:

  • Check out the Classic Swivel branded flash drive
    Classic Swivel
    . Why is it so good for trade shows? Easy: the swivel contrasts with the flash drive, making your logo visible every time they use their drive.
  • Check out the Business Card bulk flash drive
    Business Card
    If James Bond had a business card, it would have a feature like this. Most people who don’t plan on contacting you trash their business card right away. It’s just paper, right? But with a USB built right in, suddenly they have incentive to keep it around. After all, who throws away USBs? Scoundrels, that’s who. And no one wants to be a scoundrel.
  • Check out the House Key promtional flash drive
    House Key
    If you’re in real estate, the house key shape for a USB drive is a slam-dunk.
  • Check out the Chrome Trimmed custom flash drive
    Chrome trimmed
    . If your goal is to make sure that someone actually uses this USB they pick up from you, then adding chrome trim is another way to ensure they don’t throw it out. The chrome trim adds value perception—and who’s going to throw away a USB with chrome on it?
  • Rectangular wood. Wood works with the same principle as the chrome-trimmed USB drives. It adds a perception of value and elegance that will discourage people throwing it out—and since it looks better on a fancy office than a piece of plastic, it’s a great option for people with high-end customers.
  • Paper clip. Without the USB drive on the end, this might look like any old offering you’d find at a trade show. But since you can plug this one in, it has more intrinsic value than what your competitors are offering.

Tips and Tricks for Standing Out Trade Shows

The key to making your merchandise at a trade show stand out is simple: pick something that people will continually use.

You can get any of our stock USB flash drives. But if you want your USB flash drives to actually be used, EveryUSB has some special features on offer:

  • Order a custom-shaped flash drive. You’d think a trade show full of VIPs and business people would be above geeking out over toys. You’d also be wrong. If you’re not in real estate but you want a novelty as fun as the house key USB drive, we offer custom shaped flash drives that can suit your business.
  • Make it wearable. Wearable tech like lanyards with USB drives may sound like a novelty—until you start using it and you’re too lazy to move your files to another USB. In fact, wearable tech like USB drives can end up being some of the most-used items that people pick up from trade shows.

Something to Keep in Mind!

The longevity of your personalized flash drives is only a positive factor if the drives actually work! We’ve heard too many negative stories from our customers after they received non-working products delivered by our competitors! 🙁 Working in this industry for over 9 years and amassing return customers in all 50 states and numerous countries, Every USB continues to deliver good, working, high-performance products on which you can rely. As well, we’re here after the sale to take your calls if you have any issues or need additional support.

No matter what you need for your next trade show in the form of USB drives, we’ll have you covered. Make small orders. Make big orders. We’ll make sure you’re fully stocked. And if you’re on a budget, try out budget-friendly custom flash drives.