Cheap Custom Flash Drives That Are Super Effective

Where Can I Buy Cheap Custom Flash Drives That Are Super Effective?

Getting cheap custom flash drives is always fun for our customers. They get very excited waiting for their orders to arrive with their printed logo and preloaded data. Our product is cool and our customers let us know that every day. As well, there are a ton of options available to make them unique, effective, and customized for you. However, there is never a need to overspend your budget. The right tool for the job is always the best tool when spending marketing dollars. In this article, we’ll give you a really cool set of tips for spending the minimum amount of dollars to get the perfect, cheap custom flash drives.

Choose One of the Least Expensive Models

Look at our budget-friendly flash sticks. They should be rather familiar to you. You have probably owned or at least seen most of the jump drives on that page. They’ve been around for many years and they are the lowest price USBs that we offer as a result. Choose one of these models to drive down the price of your flash drives. We offer some free printing options, so if you keep your logo as simple as possible, meaning just a couple of colors(the fewer the cheaper), we can keep the price down and under control.

Make Your Logo Artwork Simple

Your logo on branded flash drives is one of the most important aspects of producing a promotional item that brings the most impact. Businesses of all sizes spend good money to design their logo just right before they send it out into the world. But if you want to save money on your USB sticks, reduce the number of colors and make the logo as simple as it can be for this purpose. We offer numerous methods for printing your logo, but only a handful of them are included for no charge. A logo with the fewest number of colors drives down our cost and is reflected in your price.

Select Exactly the Right Amount of Memory Size

We have customized USB sticks starting from 32MB to 256GB. The market has developed flash memory beyond these sizes as well. But, to get cheap custom flash drives, only order what you need. How do you know what you need? Find the size of all of the files that you would like to include on your customized flash drives or contact us to identify your needs. There are a lot of ways to use flash drives. Some customers give their jump drives as gifts that have a large capacity for their end-users. In that case, a larger drive is the right tool for the job. But, there is another cool method to save money, enhance your delivery and enable the use of your custom thumb drives for your end-users for years to come. Reduce the size and number of the files for your preloaded flash drives.

Include Web Links on Your Flash Drives!

You can order cheap custom flash drives with a memory size as low as 32MB. That would be large enough for a couple of PDF files with a handful of pages which include few or lower quality images. Then, include one or more web links to a website that you control. You can offer your users access to as many files as you like. And, since you can control the destination, you can update that web page with more current information when it changes. This is a very powerful tip when it comes to buying the best cheap custom flash drives.

This is How You Create Web Links for your Cheap Custom Flash Drives

If using computers beyond browsing the web and sending some emails is daunting to you, don’t worry about this next section. We’ll create these links for you. But if you want to get in and get your hands dirty, check out these simple steps to make your cheap custom flash drives super effective with a long life.

To Create Web Links in Windows:

  1. Right-click on the desktop. Select “New > Shortcut”
    Windows Internet Shortcuts to Maximize Your Cheap Custom Flash Drives
  2. A window appears where you can enter the web address. Enter the URL and click “Next”
    Create Windows Shortcuts
  3. A window appears where you can enter the name of the shortcut. Choose a name as short as possible that best describes the page. Enter the Name and click “Next”
    Name the Windows Shortcuts
  4. These shortcuts can then be loaded onto any flash drive and they will work in both Windows and Mac computers.

That’s How You Buy Cheap Custom Flash Drives!

  • Choose the lowest price flash drive model.
  • Use the simplest version of your logo for the outside of your custom jump drive.
  • Only purchase the memory size to exactly fit the data you would like to give to your users. Keep the file size and the total number of large files low.
  • Add web links so that your users can see your updated content on a page that you control. Maximize your dollars and the impact of your cheap custom flash drives. It’s the perfect storm.