Capless Flash Drives With Logo

Our capless USB flash drives are the epitome of convenience. Check out our selection of 30+ unique, capless USB flash drive styles to find the right one for your business.
Our capless USB flash drives are convenient and travel-friendly. Never worry about losing the cap to your flash drive again! Not only are these capless designs easy to transport, but they are also extremely unique. Capture your customers’ attention with some of these interesting capless styles. We still offer traditional designs, such as the classic swivel USB flash drive, translucent swivel, and thin swivel. However, we offer the following capless flash drive styles too:

  • Business card: Combine your business card and a custom flash drive all in one! People get bombarded with business cards that frequently get tossed aside, but a business card flash drive is sure to stick because of its usability, keeping your company in your customer’s mind for years to come.
  • Retractable: Our sliding and clicking retractable custom flash drives are a favorite. Just click and boom, your capless flash drive is ready to go. Makes you feel a little bit like James Bond, doesn’t it?
  • Leather snap: Timeless and elegant, these flash drives are kept within a leather case that you can button and unbutton. Get a leather snap flash drive embossed with your logo, and customers will always associate your business with sophistication.
  • Dog tag: Our customizable dog tag flash drives are great for building camaraderie among sports teams, Boy Scout groups, and army platoons.
  • Flip disc: This flat, round, coin-shaped custom flash drive flips out for easy accessibility and use. Cool, capless, and fits right in your wallet!
  • Key-shaped: This custom capless flash drive will blend in perfectly with the rest of the keys on your keyring. Unique, easily transportable, and extremely convenient.

Preload Your Data

If you’re using a custom flash drive to distribute information, you may want to inquire about our data preloading services. We’ll upload data to your USB drives for you, and even encrypt them. Call us for more information: 866-458-8415.

Convenient & Versatile

Our capless USB flash drives are available in wood, metal, leather, or plastic. Peruse our wide variety to find a USB drive that sends the right message to your customers, whether it be the practicality of a business card flash drive or the novelty of a coin flash drive. Shapes, colors, and sizes for every individual and every business.
We’ll print your logo on either side of your capless USB drive at no additional cost, which includes up to 4 colors via silkscreen.* What’s more, we’re so confident in the exceptional quality of our capless custom flash drives, we’ll offer a 10-year warranty.