Bulk USB Drives

Where Can I Buy Bulk USB Drives?

Bulk USB drives from Every USB have a large range of applications in every type of organization; from distributing brochures and files or materials to simply providing a free promotional item with your logo on it in bulk. Every USB has provided premium USB products like bulk USB drives since 2011. Custom USB drives are our specialty. We don’t sell fidget spinners or throwing discs. As well, we’re not merely a personalized promotional item company. We understand that your purchase of bulk USB drives helps you to define your goal and we help you to find your “drive”.

Who is Every USB?

Our goal is and has always been to provide organizations with a reliable source of high quality bulk USB drives backed by a sincere desire to help them show themselves and their objective in the most professional manner. To help them deliver the purpose of their flash drive purchase in the most potent and professional way that supports their goal. We want to help you succeed with your mission and maximize the purchase of your bulk USB drives! If that means just loading files or creating a flash drive navigation menu, we can do that. If it means making suggestions so that you can get cheap custom flash drives, we can do that!

What Are the Advantages of Bulk Buying?

The first advantage is that the more units that you purchase at one time, the cheaper the per product price! This might not be obvious upon the first review, but let’s examine what happens when we run a batch of drives. Once your artwork and data has been approved, our production team on the floor of our factory will start to setup the artwork and data production lines for your flash drive job depending on the type of imprint and data method that you have ordered. That process requires the same amount of time and cost whether you purchase 100 or 1,000 pieces of the identical product. Ordering more of the identical product costs us less to produce, so we can charge you less! The same goes for shipping costs. Shipping 100 units to one address costs nearly the same as shipping 200 units to the same address. So, if your institution uses 500 bulk USB drives a year, and you plan on ordering 250 twice in the year, it will drive up your cost. There is no need to spend more money than you need. Buying in bulk can reduce the cost of your investment.


Another advantage to quantity discounts is buying when the price is low. The prices of flash memory shift daily. We’re not talking about huge fluctuations, typically. But, there are times of the year when prices dip down and it makes sense to stock up on your supply of custom flash drives. Always have them on hand and load them with your current data to send them to your end-users. Contact us or call 866-458-8415 and ask a salesperson for a price quote.

Keep in mind that you won’t find a retail offering that quite compares to what you can get with bulk USB drives. A retail offering tends to focus on the individual consumer, not for organizations who might be interested in bulk buying. This is an advantage built for organizations.

Can I Order Many Variations of Bulk USB Drives?

Yes, you can still get the advantage of quantity discounts If you want different colors of bulk USB drives and different artwork and different dataloads, you can order for the bulk piece price and create many varieties. We typically can do this without any additional costs. However, there are instances where we might have to charge very modest fees if the multitude of versions reaches an untypical degree. Contact us or call a salesperson at 866-458-8415 if you would like to gain a bulk purchase advantage for bulk USB drives.