Affordable Personalized USB Flash Drives |

Budget-Friendly Custom Flash Drives

Our affordable USB flash drives are great for businesses on a budget. Choose one of our budget-friendly flash drive styles for your personal and business needs.


If you’re looking to save money, our budget-friendly personalized USB flash drives are an ideal choice. Choose from four styles: classic swivel, brushed metal key loop, thin key loop (available in a smooth or rubberized finish), or chrome trimmed. Print your logo on one of these four personalized USB flash drives that retain their sleekness, despite their affordability. Due to their low cost, these flash drives are great for businesses and individuals looking to buy in bulk.

When you attend trade shows, it’s likely you hand out hundreds of trinkets with your logo to interested passersby. This can be a costly task, but doesn’t have to be with these affordable USB flash drives. Practical, attractive, and versatile, it’s a surefire way to ensure people remember your business.

Our key loop flash drives are a favorite for their convenience. Customers just clip it to their keys and go, having the convenience of a flash drive with them everywhere they go. Classic swivel flash drives are a favorite for the same reasons. They’re travel-friendly, and you never have to worry about losing your flash drive cap.

Accessorize Your Flash Drive

Looking for something to complement that affordable USB flash drive? Our flash drive accessories and attachments are both practical and durable. Check out our wide selection of keyrings, key loops, clasps, lanyards, j-hooks, and more.

You can hand out these out with your budget-friendly personalized USB flash drives for better usability. Does it get more convenient than this?
For a complete list of the flash drive accessories and attachments that we offer, as well as an idea of which ones work best with our budget-friendly flash drive options, consult with a member of our sales staff: 866-458-8415.

Data Preloading

We’ll preload up to 2GB of data to your personalized USB flash drives for free! For customers ordering in very large quantities, this can save time and eliminate the hassle of uploading data to your flash drives individually.

This option is popular among companies looking to distribute promotional materials, employee training manuals, or e-books. Contact us to learn more about preloading data to your custom flash drives.

Save Money & Time

Our affordable USB flash drives with data preloading are a popular option for busy professionals. Spend less and get more with one of our four budget-friendly USB styles – complete with your logo! When it comes to effective and affordable marketing, a custom USB drive with your logo is the way to go.